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VAG CAN BUS Service & Airbag Reset Version 06/’06,’94

Save yourself pounds and reset your airbag light or your service indicator yourself.  Simple to use, small and portable can be used time and time again. Don't let Dealers charge you £40+ for a job that takes less than a minute.

New CAN BUS Service and Airbag Reset (SI605)


CAN-bus enabled & Longlife service resetting of the service interval. SIR VI is suitable for the reprogramming of the service intervals of the following vehicles starting from year of construction 1994 inclusive of models using CAN bus:

A2, A3, A4, S4, RS2, A6, S6, A8, S8, TT,
Golf IV, Golf V, EOS, Q7, Turan, Tuareg, Multivan, New Beetle, Sharan,
Trade Wind, Lupo, Bora, Caddy, T4, T5, Polo,  
Arosa, Ibiza, Cordoba, Alhambra, Superp, Roomster, Toledo, Leon,
Octavia, Fabia,
Galaxy (Diesel).

The device is reliable and of compact design for resetting of the Service Intervals and Airbag error display for vehicles starting from year of manufacture 1994/95.  This is a professional tool that has a 16 pin DLC (Data Link Connector) and 2x2 Adapter for earlier models. The equipment is programmed by short pressing of the appropriate keys for the reset procedures of:

- Oil service oil 15000 km

- Inspection IN1 30000 km or 365 days

- Inspection IN2 30000 km or 730 days

- Display passenger car: "service now"

- IN1/IN2 "service in..." 15000 km or 365 days

- LongLife starting from 6/99 display "service now" or "service accomplished in..."

- Airbag control fully automatic electronically.

1.         Service interval
The next service is shown on the trip recorder in the cockpit. The service display in the car is identical with the SI605 symbol on the device.
The following service intervals are programmed with the SI605 :
(’94 – 6/99)
Oil       Oil change,                 15000km
IN1      Inspection 1,              30000km
or 365 days
IN2      Inspection 2,              30000km
or 730 days
Display Car: (Longlife)         ->6/99
“Service now”
“Service in…”                        15000km
or 365 days
Long life: 3.5.1
Display Car:
“Service now”
“Service in…”
Oil (15000 km) is automatically programmed together with IN1 and IN2
2.         Location of on board diagnostics socket.
The DLC (Data Link Connector) often referred to as the OBD socket can usually be found within the drivers compartment or the centre console





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V.A.G CAN BUS Service & Airbag Reset £39