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PPC® Volvo Diagnostics Tool

Product Description

  • Reset service indicator

  • Read all DTCs

  • Erase all DTCs

  • Handles all control units

The ultimate diagnostic tool for Volvo is here - PPC® Diagnostic System! The diagnostic tool is developed by BSR  and it can both read and erase DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) and it can also reset the service reminder lamp (SRL). Its compact format makes it easy to use and carry around. Trouble shooting is easy and quick via the diagnostic outlet of the car (OBDII).

All control units, all trouble codes

PPC® Diagnostic System is able to both read and erase all DTCs for all control systems on a Volvo car. In an ordinary Volvo S60 there are more than 10 different control units that control the engine, transmission, ABS, airbag, radio, air conditioner, electric windows etc. PPC® can handle all control systems in the car, and it’s able to perform fault diagnostics on nearly 40 different control units and more than 8000 DTCs.

Unique product

The possibility to perform fault diagnostics on all control systems in a Volvo car, together with a beneficial pricing, makes PPC® Diagnostic System to a unique product on the market. Before it was impossible for independent workshops to perform a complete fault finding for a reasonable price. PPC® Diagnostic System makes that possible!

For who?

When you’ve worked with a car - repaired something, exchanged some parts, or just cut out the current – the car  can indicate several DTCs despite that there is nothing wrong with the car. To get these DTCs erased you often have to spend a lot of time and money. PPC® Diagnostic System solves the problem!

We can recommend our product to:

Volvo workshops looking for portable equipment.
  • Independent workshops

  • Sheet-metal workers and auto paint shops

  • Alarm- and stereo installation contractors

  • Companies with a large car fleet e.g. taxi and car dealers

  • Private persons fixing at home

Vehicle coverage

PPC® Diagnostic System works with all Volvo from 2001-2007.
  • S80 1999-2006 works
  • S80 D/D5/TDI 1999-2000 does not work
  • C70 98-05 does not work
  • S/V40 96-04 does not work


  • Diagnostic Main Unit
  • Printed User's Manual
  • OBD2 cable

Volvo Diagnostic Tool

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PPC® Volvo Diagnostic Tool
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